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Rich Hill Memorial Library

Collection Development Policy

Policy concerning how the library selects materials

Collection Development Policy

            The purpose of the Rich Hill Memorial Library is to provide a wide range of materials which meet the needs of our community.  Every effort will be made to build a balanced collection with materials carefully selected to aid our patrons in the pursuit of educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs.

            The library places a high budgetary priority on collection development allocating approximately 20 % of the operating budget for materials.

            The Library Director is responsible for all materials in the library collections.  Professional judgement is used when choosing and discarding materials.  Purchase suggestions from library patrons are always welcome and given consideration.

            The library provides access to materials in a variety of formats.  Tools used in the selection of materials include reviews from professional journals and other reputable sources. 

            Materials for minors are especially chosen with care.  All books for minors are age-appropriate.  No part of our children's collection could be considered "pornographic" nor "obscene."  Books are very carefully selected to avoid this!